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What is the latest fad in the technology field? Yes, applications! You are absolutely right. But the question is, how will you manage to find or develop the most appropriate mobile application for your business? You have come to a right place dear folks, as our company is well established to provide you the best solutions associated with mobile applications.

Studio45 is a leading web solutions company, with experience in application development services as well. We have extensive proficiency in creating feature packed and high performance mobile applications which can run on all major mobile systems including Windows, BlackBerry, Android and iOS as well. In addition to this, our employees are experts in HTML5 development and can build cross platform applications which can work on all platforms and devices. Businesses and companies choosing Studio45 for customized application development requirements are assured for the final deliverables. Irrespective of how it is built, we assure to provide scaleable, sustainable and secure apps development solutions.

Our company combines the engagement methods with the latest technology as well as system integration in order to develop a long lasting business value and successful results which are beyond the business cycles. The professionals of Studio45 offer a comprehensive series of services, right from consulting and envisioning to excellent mobile solutions, maintenance, development, mobile testing solutions, intellectual property tech services, and even solutions focused on industry.

We make use of responsive development methodology for our app developing projects. Our app developers are creative to build right applications to meet all your business, vertical and industry needs. We provide a flexible and proven model which begins with comprehensive examination of IT and business needs to ultimately deliver right answers, cost effectively and quickly to meet client’s deadlines. Whether you are in need of mobile applications developer for various aspects as custom user friendly design, business analysis, quality assurance, code development, or looking for overall mobile application solutions, we are here to serve you all.


What you can get from Studio45

The following are some of the interesting yet innovative services offered by us:

  • User experience testing
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Business needs analysis
  • Assistance after developing your application
  • On time delivery
  • Budget friendly apps
  • Utmost transparency and satisfaction provided
  • Custom design and wire framing architecture
  • Professional development and project management process
  • Integration expertise and cross platform development.

Approach used by Studio45:

The employees of Studio45 will make you understand well about the business results with our holistic approach, which is:

  • Business: We have defined the business models with respect to the latest mobile technology.
  • Strategy: We make use of mobility which is an effective strategy for every business.
  • Technology: We run parallel with the technology and jump over every challenge related to the mobile spectrum

Our company is not confined to creating one kind of applications; instead we create applications on various niches. Our professionals are capable to create apps for entertainment, business, lifestyle, gaming, information, and more. We aim to offer smart apps which can get high efficiency for brand awareness of the client’s business. We promise our clients to maintain similar design and feel even with mobile applications. Undoubtedly, we cover all the OS platforms so that our designed apps are accessible by all.

Our developers create applications with a simple yet effective message. To avail all the above mentioned benefits at the lowest possible prices, Studio45 welcomes you. Please allow us to help you with our improved services. You can reach us at, or simply give us a ring at 079-40322115 our customer care representatives are waiting to serve you.


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511, Balaji Heights,

Samartheshwar Mahadev rd, Ellisbridge,

Ahmedabad, Gujarat.